Active Defense Tactics

Tactics describe the desired effect of active defense activities and are useful to describe why a defender would choose to use a specific active defense technique. These tactics serve as useful ways to classify individual defensive techniques.

DTA0001 Channel Guide an adversary down a specific path or in a specific direction.
DTA0002 Collect Gather adversary tools, observe tactics, and collect other raw intelligence about the adversary's activity.
DTA0003 Contain Prevent an adversary from moving outside specific bounds or constraints.
DTA0004 Detect Establish or maintain awareness into what an adversary is doing.
DTA0005 Disrupt Prevent an adversary from conducting part or all of their mission.
DTA0006 Facilitate Enable an adversary to conduct part or all of their mission.
DTA0007 Legitimize Add authenticity to deceptive components to convince an adversary that something is real.
DTA0008 Test Determine the interests, capabilities, or behaviors of an adversary.